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Tuesday, April 22

GTT: Earth Day + Challenge #ClothDiapers

 GOOD MORNING! and Happy Earth Day! Just about to take Eliada (she's now 5!) to school. Check out my Instagram to see what she wanted me to put on there! I will probably do a life update on my Youtube Channel sometime this week, so head on over and subscribe, if you haven't already! And welcome to my new readers, I saw a jump in numbers this past week. If you are new to my channel, welcome! And just to introduce myself, I'm a mom of three girls, married now 10 years, and we use cloth diapers, baby wear, recycle and lots of other "crunchy" things in our family. The girls don't have any electronic toys, I cook at home 80% of the time and we eat dinner together as a family!

Oh and what the heck is GTT? Green Tip Tuesday! It's a weekly series where I share how you and your family can been a bit more nice to mother earth. If you have any crafts, photos, ideas to share, feel free to email me and you can be featured on GTT!

Moving on.... today is Earth Day and also my sisters birthday! She's two years younger than me, but lives four hours north of us, so we haven't seen her in a while! Miss her tons and she's getting married this December, so that might be a fun vlog :)

So, we're not doing much to celebrate Earth Day, how about you! Leave a comment below or post on my Facebook page what you did to celebrate! Usually some local stores have some sort of offer, giveaway or give out reusable bags, but haven't seen much about that this year.

But, just as you see I wanted to let everyone with little ones know that the Flats and handwashing Challenge is coming up!! How earth-friendly can you get. What exactly is this challenge? Well, first you have to have a baby or someone that is still in diapers and then you have to only use a certain type of diaper called a flat and, last but not least, you have to wash it by hand! Not touching your washer or dryer all week! I have done this challenge twice and it is not hard at all. Head on over to for more information and to sign up for the challenge!

I'm still thinking if I am going to sign up or not. Annaleah, my 20 month-old has already shown signs of potty training and I just ordered her some Grovia trainers, but who knows, maybe flats will help her out a bit. And I was in the same boat two years ago, our first challenge, Eliada was also starting to potty train and I was pregnant with Annaleah and I actually didn't have to wash that many diapers! woohoo!

And if you don't have babies... maybe join the challenge and wash all of YOUR "undergarmets" by hand! How much fun would that be! NOT!


So I hope ya'll have a great Earth Day, and like the pic above says.... "Make Every Day Earth Day!" At least once a week, I load up the girls and we go to the recycling center and they love it! I sooo wish that our area had a recycling program or more eco-friendly initiatives, but there has to be interest first. Be friends with Mother Earth! Would you throw garbage on your friends lawn? I don't think so, so give it a try.

Monday, April 21

Menu Plan Monday, The Aftermath!

Have I been menu planning these past few weeks? NOOOO!!! And it's been killing the food in my fridge!! It's just awful and I feel terrible. I had to throw away some strawberries! That has hardly ever happened before! So so glad to start MPM again.

Monday: Zuppa Toscana

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Grilled Sammies

Friday: Broccoli n Cheese pizza (homemade)

Check out for more ideas! Click here for her Menu Plan Monday post!

When I'm 64... HAPPY EASTER!

I don't feel so good! My throat is so itchy and my body is achy. But I hope ya'll are feeling 10x better than I. Yesterday was Easter Sunday! How did you spend your day? We did our traditional morning mass, following by FOOD and more FOOD! lol The girls had a blast and mom sweated all day, haha.

If you might have noticed I haven't blogged or been on many social media sites in..... 40 days. So yup, on Ash Wednesday we all went to dinner after church and talked about what it meant to give up something for 40 days. We all wrote down on a piece of paper a few things we could do to improve our relationship with God and ourselves and what Jesus Christ "gave up" for the Lenten season.

Of course, my oldest said to give up my computer, yes, after a long day in my world, my girls always see me on my laptop. So I knew they would probably suggest that. I do need my laptop for work, so explained that wasn't an option, but we talked and decided "Social Media" was also a big problem with mommy." I did have some exceptions, like my weight loss group and business groups, and did fail at something like looking at my notifications or getting emails when someone would tag me in a post, so def, going to try this again next year!

Our middle daughter, Eliada, loved having cereal, for breakfast, snack and sometimes dinner! So that's what she agreed she would not do and have a more satisfying breakfast, and let me tell ya, she did great! For not really understanding what was going on, she mixed up her breakfast almost everyday. There was a few times that she asked for poptarts a few days in a row, but she also followed it with some fruit or glass of milk.

Yvette decided she wanted to only drink water for 40 days and she too did great. She did have tea and a few sips of coke a few times, but most of the time it was on accident. And she also wanted to read more as well as take at least 1 AR test each day, which again, she did great on! So proud of her. And actually, her reading grade for this six weeks actually went up as well.

Hubby.... no carbonated beverages and with only two slip ups, he did amazing. So proud of him. He wants to continue to not have soooo many drinks throughout the day like he use to. I think he also lost some weight, which is easy for him to do!

Holy week was great, made me feel refreshed and a good role model for my girls. We walked in the yearly procession on Good Friday and attended the first Passion play at our church and other events that our church had. And on Easter Sunday, we celebrated our savior (instead of the Easter Bunny). I hope even when I'm 64, that our daughters will keep these traditions alive and celebrate with their families.

Hope ya'll had a blessed Easter Sunday and continue to be thankful and keep your family close to Christ.

So, where else can you find me? Click the links below to stay connected! Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

Monday, February 3

Menu Plan Monday - #CLEARANCE

Welcome to another #MONDAY! How was your weekend? We had a great time, got some laundry done and took the girls to the movies and just spent some quality family time :) I stocked up the fridge with some reduced meat and chicken, so excited to get cookin' this week!

Breakfast ideas: Oatmeal, Cereal, Chorizo and Egg, migas, biscuits (thanks to dudeMom!) and toast
Lunch ideas: Leftovers, Sandwiches, Cereal, Spinach salad, soup

Here is the Menu for the week:

Monday - Grilled Sausage with potato salad
Tuesday - Taco Tuesday (with Beef) with beans and Spinach Salad
Wednesday - Baked Chicken with baked beans and corn on the cob
Thursday - Slowcooker Night! Beans & Sausage
Friday -  Mini Pizza Night with chicken wings

Breakdown on cost for the week is VERY GOOD! I was low on beans and HEB had a $.50/2 coupon, so I got 4 cans of each beans they had, the sausage is leftover from last weeks breakfast (sausage and eggs) as is the potato salad. We had a death in the family (distant uncle) and my mom and I made the potato salad, so that's leftovers. I still have some taco shells from last weeks taco tuesday and Spinach from last week too. The bunch was only $.97 and I've already used it in like 4 different meals! The chicken was also 25% off this weekend at HEB and got the baked beans FREE with coupon. Corn on the cob is from the freezer and the sausage for Thursday was also FREE when you buy hamburgers, those will be for next week. Pizza!! I found some on clearance for $.88!! Not at HEB... at Dollar General! Who know... I also went in for all the $.10 christmas items... Haul video coming soon. I just pinned a whole bunch of chicken wing recipes.... do you have a favorite recipe? I got some wings for only $1 at the meat market yesterday! And I'm pretty sure that they will still be onsale when I go to the grocery store this week as well, so help me out! We usually just bake and then toss with Frank's Red Hot sauce or HEB flyin' wing sauce.

Like me on Facebook to see pics of my recipes when I post them! If you have a recipe that you'd like me to blog about or about how it went, if I changed anything, let me know! Or if you have a recipe you'd like me to try, I'd like that as well! Most of these recipes are on my Pinterest page!

Link up with Lots of yummy recipes that you can find by browsing through her website or the hundreds of others who also share their weekly menu!

Fabulous Mami Friday - Week 2

The weekly series is coming back and coming back strong! Since I have started working out again it just makes me feel that much more better about myself.

So, this time around I'm going to pick one thing each week to work on and take a photo or short clip of me doing it or showing it and then that Friday I will blog about it and show you the "results," if you will. This will be a 6 week series, ending the week before Eliada's 5th birthday! I will also update on my youtube channel about my weight loss and I don't have a goal but I just want to see how I look by her birthday.

Week 2: Clothes (Part 2) - This week I am going to buy myself a new pair of pants, NOT JEANS! Follow me on Facebook and Youtube to see an #OOTD to see what I bought!

Well... kinda a success! I didn't buy a new pair of pants, but I bought a skirt! I love it, but I have yet to try it on. I know... You're not suppose to buy anything that you haven't tried on yet... but I was in a hurry. Tomorrow the girls don't have school tomorrow so not sure if I'll have time to do a haul. I also did do some shopping, i'll show ya'll that too. Oh and our local fire department did their annual yard sale and got some goodies there too! YIPEE!!

So my goal for this week was to buy a new pair of pants, but when I went through my clothes I saw that I had some that I really don't wear, so I pulled them out, washed them and wore them this week. What do you think?

One thing I hate about slacks is that they aren't very supportive, lol. I find myself disgusting!

Here I am... at the Good Will shopping for pants! All the "Green" tags were 50% off, but as you can see, they were almost all gone already! :o

Here is one of the skirts I liked...

Here I am shopping... looking decent, lol


So how hard was this challenge for me? Very hard! Since I don't like the way my tummy looks in slacks I just avoid them. Do you have any tips for me? But I pushed through and I wore slacks three days out of the week and I completed my challenge of buy some new clothes that were NOT jeans! Getting ready to do my haul video of what I bought in a bit...

Here is the break down for the rest of the week....

Week 1: Clothes - I am always wearing tshirt and jeans or sweats! I am going to focus on not wearing a t-shirt unless I'm actually going to go run. And if I do wear a tshirt I will run a mile for every shirt on Saturday morning!! (vlog coming, if I do!)

Week 2: Clothes (Part 2) - This week I am going to buy myself a new pair of pants, NOT JEANS! Follow me on Facebook and Youtube to see an #OOTD to see what I bought!

Week 3: Shoes - I am always wearing my running shoes! This week I will show ya'll my shoe collection, it's not much, but I'm going to find a way to organize them so that I can easily find them and wear a different pair each week!

Week 4: Hair - I have #momhair! Pulled back in a pony tail or up in a bun!! This week I will not touch a rubber-band! Any tips?

 Week 5: Face - Now that I'm kinda pulling myself together I will focus on my face. I was doing really good last year (posted pics on Instagram) and I was loving my new look, I have a good amount of make-up, so now to put it to use. I plan on wearing make up at least three times this week!

Week 6: #OOTD! I am going to take what I learned all week and take pics/vids of at least four different complete outfits I can put together. This is very hard for me, so if you have any suggestions, PLEASE!! let me know!

END RESULT.... Coming March 19th, 2014

Thursday, January 30

RGV Restaurant Reviews *COMING SOON*

Afternoon, hope ya'll have been staying warm this week. I know it's been chilly almost all across the US. We ALMOST had snow here in south Texas, well, actually, I think some places did see snow! The last time I saw snow was in 2004. Yvette was just a few months old and it was Christmas day! That was so exciting. So, I was talking with my husband and he was saying how good of a cook I was and how I'm super picky with my food. That's not really that true, I just like good tasting food that won't make me sick, lol. Anywho, so he told me to finally follow through with my restaurant reviews! So here I am. We don't go out to eat very often, so it won't be a weekly post, maybe one to two times a month. If you have any suggestions on restaurants for me to check out, let me know. So this first few months I'll be doing Sushi restaurants reviews!

Wednesday, January 29

Sprouts Weekly Deals, Jan 29th *My Birthday*

Birthday thoughts.... I'm FREAKING 30 YEARS OLD! Holy cow! Hubby told me, "Thank you for letting me spend 1/3 of your life with me." I was like WHAT?! I have 2/3rds left, if I'm lucky. Great morning so far. The #RGV has FROZEN! Everything is covered in ice this morning, and it's just beautiful. I love nature, I can just sit and watch rain fall all day. So are you 30? Almost 30? Excited? Scared? I am just thinking to myself.... "Do I look 30?" What do you think?

 Now onto the deals..........

Sprouts deals are back!

Sprouts is a local Organic/Natural food store where we usually buy our fruits and veggies and on Wednesday (when their new ad comes out) they have Double Ad Wednesday, so last weeks ad and the new ad is in effect! And they take coupons too! You can use one Sprouts coupon and one manufacture coupon per item. In my experience the printable Sprouts coupons need to be manually entered, so, just a heads up. Oh and also, Sprouts coupons is one per customer. So they are not like internet coupons, you can only print one (per computer)! Hubs now has school everyday so on Wednesdays I give him a list of items to pick up for us. And don't forget, you can also PM (price-match) at Wal-Mart.

You can find more Organic Coupons for some great items and score awesome deals by visiting They also have monthly contests/giveaways, so you wanna check that out to.

Visit the Sprouts website HERE and you can see the pdf weekly ad for Sprouts on their website as well or sign up for their newsletter to get great coupons in your email (Sometimes for FREE items!) They have some great e-coupons too!! Be sure to become a Facebook fan as they usually offer coupons as well as Friday Face-Off! You have the option to choose which coupon you'd like and then on Friday the winning coupon is available to print. And of course they also offer a monthly coupon on their Facebook page! Who said you can't save on healthy, organic foods? Sprouts also has a Satisf
action Guaranteed policy! If you are not 100% satisfied, you get 100% of your money back!

LAST DAY! How are you doing on your resolution for the new year? Does it involve healthy eating? If it's going Gluten Free then this is the week to shop at Sprouts! Click the link above to go to Sprouts website to print some great coupons to go along with the sale.

Sign up for Ibotta, do that because you can get cash back (via Paypal) for purchasing items at Sprouts and that will make for super cheap, healthy foods! Get a BONUS when you redeem your first offer!
Another great cash back site is Checkout51! You also get a BONUS with a $20 grocery purchase!


Avocados - 3/$1
Red Bell Peppers - 3/$1
Texas Red Grapefruit - $.48/ea
Celery, Romain, Red or Green Leaf Lettuce - $.98ea

Organic Produce

Hass Avocados - $.98 ea
Kale, Romaine - $1.48ea
Broccoli or Cauliflower - $1.98ea


Hansen's Soda (8pk) - $2.99ea
Spourts Sour Cream - 2/$3
Sprouts Gelato - $4.99ea (30oz)
S'Better Corn Dogs - $5.99ea
Organic Valley Milk - $3.29ea
Seapoint Farms Edamame - 2/$4
Hubert's Lemonade - 2/$3
***Honest Tea - 5/$5
- $1/2 Sprouts Coupon = $.50 ea

***Snacks also 20% off!! has some snack coupons to make for great deals!
*Double Ad Wednesday Deals CLICK HERE!

Bulk Foods

Roasted Trail Mix - $2.99/lb
Chocolate Peanut Clusters - $3.99/lb
Cherry Vanilla Granola - $2.99/lb
Yogurt Pretzels - $2.49/lb

Butcher Shop

Boneless Skinnles Chicken Breasts -$1.99/lb
Pork Baby Back Ribs - $2.99/lb

Vitamins and Body Care

Twinlab - 25% off
Solary Vitamin C - BOGO
Aura Cacia Mineral Bath Packets - 2/$4
Alba Botanical Hair or Skin Care - 25% off
Chicken Wingetts - $1.99/lb
Pork Sirloin Chops - $2.99/lb
93% Super-Lean Ground Sirloin - $3.99/lb


Monday, January 27

Fit it in! #Mamavation

I have struggled with this soooo much and still do today.... Finding the time to exercise!

Today was just super busy I didn't get any workout time in. I did do 30 leg lifts on each leg while I washed dishes, lol. Last year I did c25k and did it first thing in the AM and that worked great for me! I would drop off Yvette at school, go jog, come home, make breakfast and by that time Eliada, my 4 year old, would be up and eat breakfast and start the day. But now, Eliada is wide awake by 7am! I do have a jogging stroller but I so need to fix that darn tire. I think hubby needs to step it up a notch and help me out here, right?!

What I am doing right now is just fitting in exercise whenever I can! Lately I've been working out around 2pm, before I pick up my girls from TV, as long as I've done dishes and swept the floor. Housework kind of get in the way. The other time I usually have it while dinner is cooking. I can do about 10-15 minutes of strength or cardio. I have some ideas pinned on Pinterest, so you can go check that out. I also love to turn to youtube and do FitnessBlender workouts whenever I can. Oh and YOGA! Yes, I have been able to get some stretching in in the morning and my oldest has really started enjoying yoga as well, so she comes up to me and say, "Yoga time!" It's great!

So, yeah... my problem is putting fitness in front of housework! How do you do it? Do you have any suggestions?!

Check out the #Mamavation G+ hangout on "Fitting Fitness In Your Life." 

My goal is to do my workouts before I pick up the girls from school, that has been working for me so far. 


 And yes... I'm putting out the "What's your excuse?" viral photo! lol I was so excited a month after giving birth that I was back to my pre-baby weight, and then it slowly started gaining! Ahhh!


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